Center for Young Imaginations


 The curriculum is composed of five major areas of development: Cognitive, social, emotional, physical and moral.



            Number recognition and sequence, shapes, write numbers, introduction to money.


Language Arts:

            Storytelling, letter recognition, finger plays, flannel board stories.



            Learn and sing singles songs, learn dances, learn to use musical instruments.


Arts and Crafts:

            Reinforcement of colors, painting, cut and paste, learn to draw lines, make circles,

Hold pencil and crayon properly.


Health & Science:

            Proper teeth care, toilet training, cleanliness.


Social Studies:

            Community helpers, knows name and address, telephone number, understands simple rules, able to obey authority.




 Learn to share

   Recognizes names of other children

 Plays well with peers

Participate in group interaction



Feels good about himself

Not afraid of new experiences

Able to verbalize his needs

Able to adjust to change in routine

Able to win and lose



Knows right from wrong

Respects property and the rights of others



Participates in group exercise

Learns to balance on one foot

Learns to walk a straight line

Learns to form a circle

Introduction to right and left concepts

Learns to play simple games

Learns to throw a ball

Learns to catch a ball

Learns to bounce a ball