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 Potty Training

 We will cooperate with the parent in toilet training.  An additional fee is charged for children who require potty training.

Some signs that indicate when a child is ready to be potty trained are:

          Stays dry during nap time

          Shows an interest in using the toilet

          Physically ready to train (sphincter muscle is fully developed)



Toilet Training Procedure

 The toilet training procedure is implemented after a meeting with the teacher and parent.  It is agreed upon that once the training begins at CFYI the parent will cooperate and continue training at home.  A potty training chart will be used.  The chart will show the daily progress in using the commode and keeping track of dry diapers after nap.  The children who are being potty trained will be rewarded with a sticker if they urinate in the commode.  The following are steps taken when a child is beginning potty training.





Step #1:

The child’s diaper is changed in the bathroom and is encouraged to sit on or stand near the toilet.

 Step #2:

            A reward is given for urination.                             

 Step #3:

When the child has urinated continuously on the commode for one week, he or she will be put into training pants.          

Step #4:

Once in training pants the child is put on the commode every half hour and progresses up from there.

 Step #5:

Diapers are used at naptime the first week.  A reward is given at lunch if the child’s pants were dry all morning and when they go home if the child’s pants were dry all afternoon.

Potty training is not a forced issue at CFYI.  We want the experience to be positive for the child.  If a child is under stress or is physically or emotionally too immature for this step you will be asked to wait until the child is ready.

Recommended training pants – soft white cotton pants with an outer plastic already attached to the pants.  We do not recommend Pull-Ups